Construction workers on work site

About Our Structural Engineering Firm

Major Cornerstones

Mera Engineering originated in Kitchener, Ontario in 2007 providing structural engineering services to the public in the golden triangle area. Two years later 
we established reputable connections with architectural and mechanical engineering firms so we can offer complete engineering solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.

The reputation of Mera Engineering in the business is one of our most valuable assets. Our clients and business partners expect from us that we work to the highest ethical standards, fulfill our obligations completely and behave with decency. Our reputation is heavily dependent on our adherence to this code of conduct. 

Mera Engineering considers it self-evident that our management should live by these standards, disseminate them and set exemplary standards for adherence to their principles. The management is the first point of contact for employees in questions relating to ethics matters. Mera Engineering has been expanding its engineering services since its establishment in 2007. Our aim has always been to lead the community toward a technologically-advanced future. For each project, we work carefully to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients and their needs.